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  • Distribution of government funding to Catholic schools in Victoria

    From 2017, all but one Catholic school in Victoria will be members of the Catholic system. As members of the Catholic system, these schools agree to ‘block funding’ arrangements whereby government grant entitlements for schools are provided to Catholic system authorities for distribution according to internal processes and needs-based funding models.

    These arrangements enable the Catholic system to use their deeper knowledge of student needs and school and system costs to better target government grants to students and schools, consequently improving equity and efficiency. They also enable Catholic system authorities to guarantee the financial viability of Catholic schools. Due to these advantages, block funding arrangements were explicitly endorsed in the final report of the Gonski Review, which recognised that system authorities are better placed than the Australian Government to determine the most effective allocation of available resources.

    The key features of the arrangements used to allocate government grants to Catholic schools are that:

    • Funding decisions are based on collaboration and consensus between a wide range of representatives and governance structures within Catholic education, with full access to all relevant information including the funding that schools attract from governments
    • Funding models are heavily needs-based, drawing on student ‘need’ elements of the school funding models used by both the Victorian and Australian governments, plus additional factors that go above and beyond those models
    • Funding models are continually reviewed and refined to ensure they remain aligned to Catholic education and government priorities, and emerging student and school needs
    • Funding models are governed by the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, with key allocation decisions delegated to schools and local-level (rather than state-level) authorities, where appropriate
    • All funding models and processes fully comply with government requirements.

    Further information on how Catholic system authorities allocate grants to school may be found in the publication Allocating government grants to Catholic schools in Victoria on the website of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) www.cecv.catholic.edu.au. Grants to individual schools may be viewed on the MySchool website.