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  • Catholic Education: Where the child is at the heart of education

    Catholic schools are vibrant communities of learning, faith and life, with a mission to educate the whole child.

    Students on PCThey are vibrant communities of learning, faith and life, dedicated to academic excellence, fostering quality interpersonal relationships, with a strong sense of belonging and safety. Catholic education contributes to the Church's educational mission and promotes a view of the individual and the community centred on the human person and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Catholic Education Melbourne works in partnership with Catholic schools, providing a range of services to assist in developing the capacity of Catholic school principals, leaders, teachers, students and staff.

    The first Catholic school in Melbourne opened in January 1840 with 41 pupils in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Today, there are 327 schools in the Archdiocese catering for approximately 149,400 students, supported by more than 16,700 teaching and non-teaching staff.

    2015 Mass of St Patrick for Schools

    The Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, celebrated the 2015 Mass of St Patrick for Schools in March. The Mass was attended by more than 3,000 students from Catholic primary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Led by Celtic Irish Pipers, each school proudly carried their banner in a procession through the cathedral at the start of the Mass.