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  • Learning and Teaching

    In Catholic education the student is at the heart of all arrangements for teaching and learning.

    A contemporary learning approach is personalised, responding to the learning needs, interests and experiences of each student.

    Contemporary learning aims to empower students with the knowledge, skills and capacities to respond creatively to the challenges of their world. It provides rigorous, relevant and purposeful learning opportunities, supported by explicit and scaffolded teaching.

    Contemporary and emerging technologies support students to make connections beyond the school, engaging with diverse perspectives and collaborative learning opportunities, developing deep understandings of themselves, others and the world.

    Our goal is to enable every young person to be a successful, engaged and purposeful learner, with the confidence to embrace opportunity and the ability to take responsibility for themselves and their life. Every student will be empowered to become a lifelong learner, able to adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing world and to commit to authentic action for justice and the common good.

    To support this goal, we aim to plan and provide safe, contemporary and effective learning environments, where students feel comfortable, accepted and motivated to learn and explore. Contemporary learning requires high-quality teaching. We therefore aim to attract and develop the very best teachers and staff, ensuring all staff have a high level of knowledge and skills and employ a suite of contemporary, evidence-based teaching strategies.

    Taking risks in our teaching practices has improved our ability to provide an environment where students are more engaged and motivated to learn… (Teacher).