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    Leadership plays a key role in shaping the conditions and climate in which effective teaching and learning occur.

    Effective educational leaders engage and inspire school communities to develop a shared vision, mission and strategic directions for the school.

    Effective leaders are learners themselves, building a collaborative learning culture where all staff are expected and encouraged to engage in professional learning, always seeking innovative and sustainable ways to improve their practice.

    Our goal is to promote and develop shared, visionary and inspirational leadership, where leaders at all levels will inspire, encourage and support their colleagues to reflect on and improve their practice to improve student learning. We aim, too, to promote a culture of creativity and effective innovation, where leaders will empower each other and their colleagues to explore new and improved structures and approaches to teaching and learning.

    Further, our goal is to ensure ethical governance, high standards and compliance in all schools, so that Catholic schools and leaders in Catholic education fulfil their responsibilities to the students and their families, to the Church, governments and the community with integrity and the utmost thoroughness and attention to detail.

    "A person called into leadership will have clear and strong vision about what he or she hopes to achieve as leader and will be prepared to invite others to share and invest in the vision and work co-operatively with them to turn this vision into reality."

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