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    Catholic schools are committed to providing broad access to Catholic schools for Catholic families, while ensuring an education of the highest quality.

    To carry out this obligation schools develop fee structures and arrangements that recognise the financial capacity of their families and reflect their preference for the poor and marginalised in our community.

    Catholic schools provide outstanding education with fewer resources per student than government schools and the gap in funding means parents pay fees to provide reasonable resources to meet expected educational standards.

    It is the goal of the Catholic sector to secure equitable and sustainable funding to ensure that we can provide accessible, affordable Catholic schools for all Catholic families. It is our goal, too, to ensure effective stewardship of resources, so that resources of all kinds are used wisely and sustainably for the benefit of students now and in the future. We aim, too, to develop, implement and maintain enabling and support systems that assist all Catholic schools to deliver high-quality contemporary learning in a resource-efficient manner.

    It is important that Catholic schools are accessible, a realistic option for all Catholic families (Parent).



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