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  • Faith and Identity

    The purpose of the Catholic school is the development of human beings steeped in the profound human values embodied in Jesus Christ.

    Catholic schools nurture students’ faith and lead them to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and celebration, their growing knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition, and action in the world for peace and justice.

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    Our goal is to enhance our Catholic identity, so that all may recognise God’s presence permeating every Catholic school. We do this by strengthening the integration of faith, life and culture, inviting students to discover God’s presence in their daily lives and engaging them in a dialogue between their life experiences and Catholic teaching.

    In this way they may grow in understanding of themselves and their world in light of the Gospel and be empowered to take responsibility for themselves and for creating a just society.

    Further, our goal is to build communities of faith and hope, where we are all inspired by the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and imbued with the Holy Spirit, and work together for the benefit of each member of the school community. 


  • Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project

    The project is to assist schools to understand better how their Catholic identity is expressed in work and practice and to support them in their future development.