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    Our Catholic schools are partners with parents, parishes, religious institutes and the Catholic Education Office Melbourne in the important task of educating our students.

    Our aim is for them to be happy, confident and faith-filled young people and successful learners, who will use their knowledge and their gifts for the good of people everywhere. In this task we share in and contribute to the Church’s mission of education and evangelisation and draw our inspiration from the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    In the period 2015–2019 our young people will see a transformation in their learning journey and those supporting them will encounter new demands and challenges. Increasingly students will be partners in their learning, not only with their teachers, their peers and their families, but with the wider community, both locally and globally. An essential part of their learning will be collaboration with and contribution to the community. They will be supported in their learning through a climate of inquiry and creative exploration of ideas and the use of new and emerging technologies.

    At the heart of all our endeavours is the student. We remain committed to building communities of learning that provide a safe, nurturing and academically stimulating environment for all children.

    Our challenge for the future is to ensure that all students in Catholic schools become successful learners who are able to embrace opportunities that are emerging in the local, national and global communities. As partners in Catholic education we must ensure that our students are well prepared to manage their future wellbeing and contribute to that of others, that their lives remain faith-filled and guided by purpose.