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    Catholic Education Melbourne offers schools advice and assistance in sustainability operations and practice in a number of ways.

    Education for Sustainability (EfS) – advice on how schools can incorporate EfS into curriculum and programs.  Schools will be advised on how to access and use a rubric relevant to the context of the Archdiocese of Melbourne to assist in this process.

    ResourceSmart AuSSi Vic programs – Sustainability Victoria and Catholic Education Melbourne have launched a partnership which underpins the direction that Catholic Education takes in this area. RS AuSSi Vic is the preferred pathway for schools to take in embarking on sustainability. Catholic Education Melbourne can provide advice on how schools can effectively initiate a whole-school approach to sustainability in their schools   

    Sustainability policy and procedures – Catholic Education Melbourne has produced a sustainability resource, which links EfS and sustainable practices with Catholic scripture and spirituality. It is also drafting a policy and procedures which will be applicable in its own offices and sites.  Both could be of assistance to guide schools in their own policy formulation.  

    Sustainability Seminar – An annual seminar for schools is conducted to acknowledge best practice around the Archdiocese and to provide input from noted experts and practitioners in the field. 

    Sustainable Students Competition – The annual competition that involves students in a range of categories to demonstrate how they understand issues, take leadership within their schools and take action themselves. Catholic Education Melbourne can provide advice how to enter this competition.  

     For further information, please contact the Planning Unit on 9267 0228.

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