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    Regional Support

    There are four regional offices (Northern, Eastern, Southern and  Western) in the Archdioceses of Melbourne providing educational support  and leadership for primary and secondary schools and their communities, Parish Priests and Canonical Administrators.

    Regional staff work in collaboration, partnership and respectful subsidiarity with schools.  Strategic advice is a key component of regional support to Parish Priests, Principals, Teachers and Parents.

    The Regional Manager implements CECV and Archdiocesan policies and programs for the region in Religious Education, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing, Leadership and Management, Planning and School Community.  Access to specialist support such as psychologists, speech pathologists, special education advisers and visiting teachers for hearing, vision and chronic health is coordinated via a referral process within the region.

    Regional support is provided to assist schools in their school improvement cycle.  This support is adapted to meet the needs identified by schools as they move into a review year.  According to need, customised support is provided to schools focused on:

    • interpretation and analysis of data and evidence

    • completion of the Self-Reflection Report 

    • reflection on goals, intended outcomes and targets 

    • an audit of achievements from the previous school improvement plan 

    • models of reflection 

    • engagement with the whole school community 

    • compliance with the VRQA minimum standards