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  • Look Out 2011 

    Outward Facing Schools in the 21st Century

    International Conference held on 20 and 21 June 2011
    Hilton on the Park, Melbourne, Australia

    It's only the beginning...

    The Catholic Education Melbourne Look Out 2011 Partnerships for Learning Conference may be over for this year but the work continues. With over 400 delegates from a broad range of educational, health and community based settings attending across the 2 days, and with a genuine sense of excitement still palpable, there is much to be done to continue the momentum and support school communities to be engaged and energised in their core work of ensuring best possible achievement for all young people through genuine partnerships for learning.

    By far the majority of responses on the initial feedback data indicate attendance at the conference to be of immediate use for delegates in their particular settings and of long term use in developing the future shape of an 'outward facing' culture for their particular context. Overwhelmingly, the Charter feedback has been positive and indicates further need for continued system wide support for this work.

    Charter Update

    Suggestions and feedback from the discussions held during the Charter Workshop Session on the morning of Day 2 of the Conference have been collated and are currently being taken to the Charter Development Group for consideration.

    Workshops online

    Already you will have received an email alerting you to the online evaluation survey to be completed by the end of July. Now we are pleased to let you know that a number of presenters have made their power-point presentations available for you to access online to revisit the key messages of their work. Both keynote address presentations are available and the CEOM Outward Facing Schools Draft Charter (in original form), as well as a variety of the workshops, including Maggie Farrar's and Charles Leadbeater's. Keep in mind that whilst you are free to access any or all of those available, power-points are only the bare bones of the information presented - use them wisely as discussion starters, community conversation stimuli or perhaps to provoke interest. You are reminded. We would ask that acknowledge the author where appropriate.

    Workshop Evaluations

    All surveys completed at the close of each workshop have been collated and are being processed as a part of the collection of data enabling us to accurately analyse and evaluate the Look Out 2011 experience. That data will be made available to presenters shortly.

    Where to from here...

    There is little doubt that the Conference and your participation in it has highlighted the need for greater investigation and work in the area of school-community partnerships for learning. Early indications are that the Conference was not only successful in itself but that it has been successful in generating interest and action from parties beyond just those able to attend.

    Keep the conversations alive and keep checking here for further updates.

    Charles Leadbeater
    Charles Leadbeater
      Keynote - Learning from Extremes

    Workshop - Learning from the Extremes - Strategies for radical social innovation


     Catholic Education Melbourne Charter



     Promoting Outward Facing School Communities - School Community Partnerships for Learning


     Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas 



     It's not about programs - Driving school improvement through a systematic and strategic approach to wellbeing and school-community partnerships

    John Stafford & Sally Beattie
    John Stafford    Sally Beattie 




     Family School Partnerships


    Kim Wilson & Marg Orme

     Kim Wilson 
      Workshop - Lifting Learning Outcomes through Extended Service Schools - Extended School Field Trials


    Maggie Farrar
    Maggie Farrar



     Outward Facing Leadership

    Workshops - School, community engagement and outward facing leadership

    Mary Oski
    Mary Oski 
      Putting Community in the Spotlight


     Pat Love
    Pat Love 



    Paths that Connect - Walking and cycling to school as an indicator of social connectedness and trust in school communities



    Paul Sedunary
    Paul Sedunary




    Leading Contemporary Learning - A Systematic Approach


    Sharon Butler

    Sharon Butler
      School Talk - Teachers, families and the language of learning

    Elizabeth Freeman & 
     Liz Freeman 

    Eleanor Wertheim 

    Building Culturally Respectful Communities - How can we support teachers?